Smart Impact


Who We Are

whyise provides organizations with an impact analytics solution to efficiently deploy their resources, make decisions based on evidence and exponentially multiply their impact.


The Solution


Our Impact Analytics Solution allows organizations to aggregate their data from multiple sources and analyze it for strategic planning, efficient reporting and evidence based decision making.


Key Features


Modular features that enable customization


Data aggregation from multiple sources 


Strategic impact planning & reporting tool


Data analytics for better decision-making 


Mapping against international frameworks


Library of indicators as per international standards


Custom Key Performance Indicators builder


Sector agnostic


Easy integration with already established data systems


Interactive visual dashboards with real-time analytics


Benchmark against industry peers


Index and assessment tools for impact due diligence and portfolio management 


Frameworks Library

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) .png

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an international and independent standards organizations that helps businesses, governments and organizations measure and communicate their impact. GRI disclosures include topics that span economic, environmental and social issues.


United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2016 aimed at addressing global challenges. The SDG’s cover economic and social development issues including: poverty, hunger, education, global warming, gender, equality, water, sanitation, urbanization, environment and social justice.


International Finance Corporations’ Environment, Social and Governance Standards (ESG) are globally recognized as a benchmark for environmental and social risk management indicators in the private sector. Their performance standards include: Risk Management, Labor, Resource Efficiency, Community, Land Resettlement, Biodiversity, Indigenous People and Cultural Heritage.


How it works



Our Clients


Our Manifesto

We believe that impact should be based on evidence. We enable organizations to understand and analyze their data for better planning and management.

We believe technology should be easy and accessible. We have a solution for everyone regardless of budget, technology proficiency and sector.

We believe that each client is unique. We built a solution that is customizable to your goals, targets and needs.

We believe that we never stop learning. We strive to bring you the latest technology and the latest frameworks. We are an extension of your team, we measure our success based on your success.

We believe in knowledge sharing. We empower you through full transfer of knowledge, providing the training and support needed for a seamless transition.